KDCU deals in green coffee as the main business product. The coffee produced is of Robusta and Arabica varieties grown in the hills of Karagwe and Kyerwa districts, in North Western Tanzania.

The coffee transacted by KDCU is grown on smallholder farms of peasant farmers who are members of the Union. The coffee is a final product of a chain of stages including; growing, harvesting, drying, milling, grading, and packaging. The first three stages (growing, harvesting, and drying) are handled by the farmers while milling, grading, packaging and marketing are handled by KDCU. The total annual output is about 32,000MT of green coffee comprised of 97.5% (Robusta) and 2.5% (Arabica). The Robusta produced largely falls in five (5) grades: ETRA, Superior, Standard /STD, UG, TR, and BHP. Arabica on the other hand falls in four (4) grades: FAQ, UG, TR and BHP.



KDCU also offers a range of services including; crop finance, coffee processing, and marketing of members’ coffees. The union also provides information on input prices and seeks the minimal prices for the best quality inputs; farm equipment and inputs (seedlings, fertilizers and chemicals) supplies for member primary cooperative societies. Cooperative education and extension services are also provided to member primary cooperative societies.


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